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Representing friendship, respect, and gratitude

Gift-giving can be an important part in a business protocol but also strongly rooted in tradition for some international relations.

Pièces Uniques offer you the possibility to custom made gifts ( jewelry, cufflinks, silverware… ), creating a symbolic way to show appreciation.

The most popular times for giving, of course, are holidays. But other times of the year can have a more profound personal impact on the relationship. Important dates, such as birthdays, anniversary or the day you initiated a business relationship, may be good occasions for a custom made gift. You can also mark such events as a promotion or completion of an important project.

We have selected below some projects made for some norwegian companies.


Founded in 1964, the company is one of Norway’s largest and most experienced commercial real estate consulting groups.

Pièces Uniques designed and hand crafted some silver and gold cufflinks for Malling’s 50 years anniversary.

Each cufflinks were customized with personal initials of the recipient.


The Viking Group is one of the largest Nordic assistance companies with operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Pièces Uniques custom designed silver cufflinks, using the original logo of the company to create a playful jewelry piece with beautiful details ( a combination of brushed and polished finish ).

When both part are put together, they represent the typical viking helmet.


Specialist on development and delivery of solutions and products based on green technology since 1910.

Pièces Uniques Jewelry created some amazing necklaces and cufflinks based on the identity of the company.

We also designed and arranged some custom made & environmental packaging beautifully wrapped in ecolabel quality paper.

Our creative and sales team have strong knowledges regarding cultural and religious traditions surrounding gifts, some of the reasoning behind the symbolism, and most important, helping you make the right decisions when it comes to business custome made gift giving. No minimum quantity required
.Please contact us for furthers informations


( + 47 ) 922 29 727

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