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Créoles Thasos

kr 1,000.00
  • Plaqué or 18 carats
  • CZ
  • Pays d'origine: France

Silver: Our silver pieces are manufactured 925/000 and covered with a layer of palladium and rhodium against oxidation, which provides luster, shine and durability.

18-Karat gold plated:Respecting French legislation, we deposit a minimum of 3 microns of gold on our jewelry. We use 750/000 gold in all our plating with a top coat of 24 carat gold.

Please avoid chemicals ( parfum, antibac..) for long lasting

Gemstones: All of diamonds and colored gemstones are ethically sourced and conflict free.

18-Karat gold plated: Our gold is 100% recycled.

Silver: Our Silver is 80% recycled.

18-Karat gold plated and Silver: We are all concerned by the environmental and social issues that confront us. Pièces Uniques is in an RJC approach and guarantees compliance with European REACH regulations. We regularly carry out analyses of our production to ensure compliance with these standards.

Free shipping on orders over 690 kr

Créoles Thasos

kr 1,000.00

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