Ear cuffs are trendy earrings that wrap around the ridge of the ear with elegant or extravagant ornaments. They can be worn whether your ears are pierced or not. They come in various designs that can easily represent your style. Let’s explore some different ways to wear them.



For a very hipster multi pack effect: express your creativity and combine one, two or as many ear cuffs as you want. Our ear cuff best seller from our Contemporary Collection4 & 7 – come in 18-karat gold plated and silver.

Pause Collection

Add an edgy touch to your look with a ear chain hanging from the sides of the earlobe like the chain earrings from our Pause Collection available in 18-karat gold plated or silver.

Dare to wear ear jackets: simple and delicate, this type of cuff gives the illusion to float on the bottom of the ear lobe. It will give a quirky touch to your casual outfit like our double earrings from our Pastille Collection.

And for a glamorous look: sparkle your little black dress with a sparkling or a fringed ear cuff. Minimalist or eccentric, ear cuffs will give for sure a fresh look to your outfits.

What do you think about them? Will you dare to wear this must-have accessory?


A little bit of History; From Kaffas to Ear Cuffs…

Since ancient times, ear cuffs have been worn by many women from different cultures and countries. In 2000 BC, they were called “Kaffas”. Around 350 BC, Greek aristocrats wore those ear adornments in gold. They had a decorative function but it represented also their social status. Same case later, when they appeared in Europe in the in the 18th Century.

Kaffas images were also seen in Indian and Thai art dating from the 12th Century.

In the 1950s, they became so popular that the French jeweler, Marcel Boucher, patented his creation (an ear jewel clipped and pinned to the earlobe).

Thirty years later, during the pop and punk 80s, famous fashion designers put ear cuffs on the runways, and since then those must-have accessories have been reinvented over and over each season.

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